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"Pre-teens and Teens Enjoy Pentagonia. This Award-Winning Game is Easy-to-Learn, Stimulating, and Fast Paced."

"Nourish their minds and their intellects will flourish..."

Teenagers playing the Pentagonia board game, and Pentagonia java program at our booth at the Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition in August of 2001. One game just isn't enough!

Pre-teen boys playing our Pentagonia board game at a demonstration booth.

Fast paced, challenging, and stimulating, Pentagonia is a game for the lawyer, scientist, engineer, professor, teacher, or tactician in your family, as well as the lawyer, scientist, engineer, professor, teacher, or tactician in your family's future.

Should these pictures lead you to conclude that only little men/boys find our Pentagonia board game especially appealing, we can tell you about an incident that occurred several years ago at one of our demonstration booths. A pre-teen girl played a game and then wanted her mom to buy it so badly that she cried in order to get it. In the period that has since ensued, many little women have experienced the joy, challenge and stimulation that Pentagonia provides.

For ages 8 & up, Pentagonia facilitates the development and improvement of reasoning and pattern recognition skills, the ability to think ahead, and an understanding of the relationship between goal formulation, plan implementation, and reward.

Described by the non-profit National Parenting Center as "a game you'll want to pull out again and again," and by Dr. Toy in her list of the 100 Best Children's products in North America as "fast-paced, stimulating, and challenging," Pentagonia really is learning fun!

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US retailers, Pentagonia is represented by Wegman Entertainment LL.C. in the mid-western states, by Hilary Wells of Harry Wells and Associates in the west coast states and Alaska, and by John Giacobbi and Associates in the New England states. Please email us if you require any contact information.

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