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Pentagonia   is a multiple international award-winning two-player, board game with a very chess-like attribute. Victory is completely dependent on your reasoning and pattern recognition skills, and completely independent of luck.

Pentagonia   is the type of game that the young and not-so-young can learn to play in minutes. Even bright five year olds can understand the rules and play it.

Conversely, Pentagonia   is not a simple game you master and grow bored with in one night. Since the year 2000, it has received 6 international awards.

It has also received several recommendations. In 1999, it was one of eight games chosen for a Most Enjoyed Games list compiled by Rutgers University students that was published in the Princeton Packet's Last Minute Gift Guide - you can read the Princeton Packet article if you click here.  And in 2006, it was one of several games recommended as a game for "Kids and Family" by the second most popular women's website in the English speaking world.

The recommendations we most like to receive are those provided by previous customers... nothing makes us happier than knowning our game made you or someone dear to you happy. And the recommendation we are most proud of receiving happened in the fall of 2002, when Pentagonia was one of 25 products - games, software, toys, books, cd's etc. - in the world to be included in the American National Association for Gifted Children's 2002 Holiday Toy list.

Pentagonia   has broad appeal, but seems to appeal especially to university students, and late-pre-teens and early teens, who have been known to play the game over and over. Some of them describe it as "addictive."

For ages 8 & up, Pentagonia may also facilitate the development and improvement of reasoning and pattern recognition skills, the ability to think ahead, and an understanding of the relationship between goal formulation, plan implementation, and reward. Sold in game and gift stores in Canada and the United States; through theZellers Inc. department store chain in Saskatoon and through a number of websites, including this one, it really is learning fun!

Until our stock levels declined to the point that we could not guarantee annual supply, Pentagonia was also sold through the A.W. Peller and Associates Bright Ideas for the Gifted and Talented catalog in the USA.

Independent reviewers at the non-profit National Parenting Center describe Pentagonia as "a game you'll want to play over and over again."

You can still be one of the first people in your community to play or master Pentagonia.

Visit your local game store or favourite board game retailer. Our suggested retail is only $25.00 USD in the USA and $25.00 CAD in Canada but with in-store specials and clearances you may get an even better price.

Alternatively, you can order a game from one of our on-line vendors or make your purchase through this website for less than $35.00 US applicable taxes, handling and shipping to all postal destination points in North America included.*

To convert $35.00 US to your currency, please use our Quick and Easy Currency Conversion Calculator.

If after receiving your Pentagonia game, and subjecting it to your own play test, you feel that Pentagonia is not one of the best two-player, abstract strategy games you've ever encountered, simply return your Pentagonia game to us.

We will refund your money, no questions asked.

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    We now have a computer demo version of Pentagonia available! It lets you play our new game on your Windows 95 or Windows 98 based PC with friends or family.

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