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< We know Pentagonia is a great new product... a two-player game that takes about 20 minutes to complete, is easy enough for a bright six year old to learn to play in minutes but as challenging as your opponent, and has such game play that people play it for hours on end and will describe it as "addictive." Others know this too...

However, despite the fact the our game has won four major international awards most of the people on this planet have never heard of Pentagonia, much less played it. We would like to change that.

However, we are a small company with a new product and limited advertising budget. We need your help to get the word out!

Please link to us if you have a website. If you do, and maintain the link for at least two months, we will be most grateful!!

IN FACT, as an expression of our gratitude, we will email you for FREE:

  • Our Pentagonia: The Game, Computer Program, Version 1.0.
    This is a fully functional program for Windows 95 and Windows 98 based computers. It allows you to play Pentagonia on your computer with a friend or family member, and contains a help file that includes:
    1. instructions on operating the program,
    2. illustrated rules of play,
    3. a history of this exciting new game, and
    4. a limited licence to distribute the program in the year 2000
  • And a publication designed to help you avoid one of life's most unpleasant and most common occurrences, Toilet Splashing.

IN ADDITION, we will enter your name in a special no-purchase-necessary draw for a PENTAGONIA game from our first production run.

The draw will be held on December 15th, 1999. This should enable each the winner to receive their Pentagonia game in time for Christmas, if they reside in North America.

To enter

  • Copy the html code below and paste it in your website:
    Looking for an award-winning new two-player, strategy game that you can learn to play in minutes?
    We'd like to recommend that you check
    PENTAGONIA< /font> out.
    You'll find links to a lot of information on this addictive new game by visiting the web site.


  • Send an email to: telling us your name, address, email address, occupation, and the URL of the site you pasted the above code to.

On receipt of the above information, we will email you the Pentagonia demo computer program and our publication on preventing Toilet Splashing, and enter your name in our draw.

We look forward to your help. Thanks.

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