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In December of 1999, Pentagonia was one of eight games selected for inclusion in a Last Minute Gift Guide published by the Princeton Packet, a group of New Jersey based community newspapers with a paid circulation of 70,000 persons.

Pentagonia made this Last Minute Gift Guide for the same reason that the other seven games to made the gift guide did. Each game had been chosen for a Most Enjoyed Games list compiled by Rutger's University Game Review Writing Students.

As we understand it, the university students play-tested about 70 games and chose their favourites for inclusion in the list. Only eight games were selected and when the process was finished, Pentagonia was placed with some pretty good company, including Pressman Toy's Rapid Four and DoublesWild, a 1998 Mensa Select Award Winner, and 1999 Parent's Choice Silver Medal Winner. The students felt that the eight games that made their list were capable of being played by children but were of sufficient depth and complexity that adults would enjoy them to the point of wanting to play them repeatedly. Please click here to read the Princeton Packet article.

In addition, in the two and one-half years that Pentagonia has been on the market, many people have told us how much they like our new game. On some of these occasions, we have been sufficiently business savy and alert to request formal testimonials for inclusion in our promotional materials and web site, and to get the names and occupations of these people. Would that we were this sufficiently business savy and alert more often...

Some of the testimonials follow below. Each was given gratis, which is to say that each was given freely, without remuneration or payment.


"We really like it. It's definitely a serious game--tv off, stereo off, and FOCUS! But it's totally absorbing and a lot of fun!"

Ms. Jennifer Maslowski, Management,
New York, New York.

"It is a simple game. The rules are simple. The materials are simple. The only thing that is not simple is victory. This requires thought that is far beyond the simplicity of the game and materials. If you are like me and enjoy testing your intelligence and intellectual prowess through head-to-head competition, I would highly recommend this game."

Mr. Daniel Dirker, Doctoral Student in Agricultural Economics,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

"Playing Pentagonia for the first time, I was intrigued by its simplicity. Several games later, I realised that Pentagonia can be a challenging venture that provides a wealth of play possibilities. My wife and I are hooked and we can't wait until Pentagonia tournaments become events enjoyed by people of all ages."

Mr. Steven Driver, Executive Chef,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

"My older brother and I bought this game yesterday. We were up playing it all night!"

Dyson Heath, Student (13)
Paradise Valley, Alberta.

"I once thought it was no longer possible for someone to invent a game that was both easy to learn and challenging to play. That was before I played Pentagonia. The game is at first glance deceptively simple, but with increasing levels of complexity. I've enjoyed it and you will too!"

Mr. David Hickie, Lawyer,
Estevan, Saskatchewan.

"I played Pentagonia and am really, really impressed! It's simple to learn, but hard to master."

Ms. Jet Silverman, System Administrator,
Brentwood, California.

"I found Pentagonia to be a really enjoyable game. The level of learning is super easy, but it takes a great mind to learn its secrets. Kudos!"

Evert J. Fortier, Student,
Saskatooon, Saskatchewan.

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