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As you may know Pentagonia is a stimulating new two-player, abstract-strategy board game with a very chess-like attribute. Victory is completely dependent on your reasoning and pattern recognition skills, and completely independent of luck.

Pentagonia software is presently in development, and so is our affiliate program. However, if all goes according to plan, this program will:

  • allow you to sell either of the versions of the Pentagonia software we are working on directly from your web site for a commission of at least 30%.
  • allow you to put play a java based version of Pentagonia on your web site so your potential customers can play our game right on your site to help them decide to purchase a Pentagonia software program from you,
  • allow you to let potential customers download Version 1.0 of our Pentagonia software directly from your web site to help them decide to purchase the more feature laden, internet based versions of the software we plan to sell through this affiliate program. This software, which already has already been completed, contains a detailed and illustrated help file and will let your customers play a bare bones version of our new game on a Windows 95/98/2000 computer with friends and family.
  • contain additional bonuses that you can earn for making various sales targets.

Our Pentagonia board game has broad appeal, but seems to have special appeal to university students, and late-pre-teen and early teen males, who have been known to play the game over and over. It also facilitates the development and improvement of reasoning and pattern recognition skills, the ability to think ahead, and an understanding of the relationship between goal formulation, plan implementation, and reward,is already sold in a number of US catalogs, and is genuine learning fun!

There are two versions of Pentagonia: The Game software we are working on. Each will have a strong internet component. The first version, which is intended for the pre-teens and early teens, will allow you to play the game against your friends through email. The second version, which is intended for a slightly older crowd, will have an AI component that lets you play the game against your computer and will allow you to play the game against friends and strangers through a web-based central server that we will operate. The emphasis will be on skills development.

Please check back with us again in several months to find out more about our new software, and this affiliate program. Make money and win prizes by participating in The Pentagonia Project.

The goal of the project is to enable a small business like ours to distribute a great new game to the masses, while preventing the huge multinational game companies from making even more money by selling this game. We think they have enough money already and would prefer that the money ended up in your (and our) pockets, and not theirs. Don't you?

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For International Licensing Opportunities, please email us at

US retailers, Pentagonia is represented by Wegman Entertainment LL.C. in the mid-western states, by Hilary Wells of Harry Wells and Associates in the west coast states and Alaska, and by John Giacobbi and Associates in the New England states. Please email us if you require any contact information.

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