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Several years ago while doing a game demonstration at the Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, an attractive young woman altered her course to approach my table.

Being a developer of the multiple, international award winning   Pentagonia  board game, I like to see people alter their course to approach my table. They are usually people who have purchased the game and want to tell me how much they like it, or people who want to learn about our game.

I like it even more when the person that alters their course to come to my table is an attractive adult female.

Anyway, the attractive young lady almost told me what I wanted to hear - "that she had bought the game, loved to play it, knew I was one of the game's developers, and wanted to have my children."

Enough fantasy!

What the young lady actually told me was that her nephew had received the game as a Christmas gift the previous year, and really loved it. In fact, he loved it so much that he took it to school to show his friends. When he did so a number of game pieces disappeared. Perhaps they were just lost, perhaps his schoolmates were so taken with the game pieces that they took them him - she didn't know. What she did know was that young lad was awfully disappointed and she was wondering if she could just buy a package of game pieces from me, rather than a whole new game.

"It would make him so happy!"

I thought about her request, I thought about the young lad, and I thought that while we had never done this before, there was no reason for us not to sell game piece packages. So I told her, "while, we've never done that before but we do have some extra game piece packages. I don't have them with me right now, but I'm demonstrating here again tomorrow and could bring a package with me then."

"How much will it cost?" the young lady asked.

Thinking about our own costs, I told her that a package of our glass nugget game pieces would be $7.00 CAD.

The attractive young lady told me she'd be back the next day. And on the next day, I brought the package of game pieces, and she returned and bought them.

Her nephew's eyes must've opened wide with delight when he opened the Christmas gift his aunt gave him that year!

Since that conversation, we've had a number of requests for replacement game piece packages. You can now buy these from us on-line. The cost for a package of 30 of our red and blue glass nugget game pieces is just $8.00 US, shipping and handling included to all points in the USA and Canada included.

To order a replacement package of Pentagonia game pieces:
  by credit card, please click here.
  by money order, please send to:
216 Avenue E. South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7M 1R9

Please email us if you have any questions regarding the above.


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